Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Granny Power

Last week I attended a workshop at the University of Exeter Innovation Centre on Options for Business Finance .  Apparently most start-ups seek investment from their Friends and Family as one of many possible strategies.

This weekend I was very grateful to my family as my mother and my partner’s mother gave their invaluable advice and practical sewing skills to assemble the prototype of a special cover for the Kindseat.  Maybe the University had something else in mind?
Help arrives!

The cover for the Kindseat will hold the seat with its detachable legs and the Kindkushion.  The cover’s material is the same as that used on the Kindkushion base which has a sticking quality to it; This prevents the Kindkushion sliding on the seat (a common problem for meditation seat cushions).  Using this material for the cover will prevent the cover sliding out of a rolled meditation mat if it’s carried that way (I’ve had this problem with my old wooden meditation bench as it slipped out on to the floor with an embarrassing crash).

A version of the Kindkushion and the Kindcover will also be available for other makes of meditation stools and meditation seats as they would also benefit by having a more comfortable and compact cushion and something to carry it in. 

Add yourself to my mailing list so that I can let you know the price and availability and to get 10% off the new Kindcover (or to check if it will suit your Meditation bench.