Monday, 15 April 2013

An Improved Website for the Ultimate Meditation Seat

Is there a connection between sitting in meditation and re-crafting a website?

You need to have a clear idea or vision of what you are doing.  The Buddhist term for this is sampajanna - sometimes translated as 'clear comprehension of purpose'.  My vision for the new website is that it helps people who meditate to understand what the Kindseat is and how it could help them sit better.  Now that the first website has been up for 6 months I believe I have a better understanding of what's needed to communicate this. I'm bringing awareness to what's there and what I can do to change.

Here's a screen shot of the present home page.

Kindseat Meditation Seat and Bench Main web page
Well, there's lots going on. Apparently people take about six seconds to decide to stay or move on and I think this page is asking quite a lot!  There are so many good things to say!

The new home page is intended to be easier for people to take in an impression of what is most important about how this meditation bench can help.  Just two points which are expanded on later. Here's a preview of the work so far.
Kindseat Meditation Seat and Bench Main web page _ Revised

So, I have bought some awareness  and tried to practice what needs to be maintained, eradicated, cultivated and prevented ; the Four Right Efforts.

It is sometimes hard to see this, whether away from the meditation seat or on it, but others can help us see our blind spots: If you have anything you'd like to see on the revised site why not add a comment here.

The revised site will be launched on the 27th April 2013 so be sure to have a look. Follow Kindseat on Google+, Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with developments.