Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Bio-mechanics of Meditation Posture

An experiment with a prototype Meditation Chair

While testing a prototype for a new meditation chair that has the same benefits of the Kindseat Meditation bench but taller, I became interested in the dynamics of what is happening when we sit. I sat meditating on this prototype and experimented with moving my sitting position further forward or back.


I found there was a point where my body was at the optimum balance point. This was good.  As my concentration deepened, my body naturally started to find its own slightly more erect position.  Now something interesting happened: On this prototype, (it certainly doesn't happen on the normal Kindseat) as my weight shifted back, the seat tilted gently and my back muscles, that had been in balance (neutral) suddenly had to work. I experienced it as quite jarring when I was in that deeper state.


What was going on? As an engineer, I am interested in the forces and stresses that are at work in a mechanism so I have done some desk research into the Biomechanics of sitting in meditation and written an article that explores some of what happens as we change our sitting posture and what makes for good posture.  There are many good guides as to how to sit but none that actually talk about the mechanics and dynamics of meditation posture.

See the article here on the Kindseat website to find out more about the principles of how to sit well in meditation.  I would welcome discussion on the article. Please leave your comments below.

I have also been working on the next version of the Kindchair which is little larger and incorporates the results of this research.  Let me know if you are interested.